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Fashion in Photo - what's the fuzz?

Portrait of the writer himself...

So what's the fuzz, and what is this?...

For a long long time, i've been wanting to start some sort of scrapbook for inspirational purposes. It didn't went all that well. That i had to print out, cut out, store and organize all the stuff i found made it all too much of a bourdon and i didn't really get it all done..

Still, i was longing after a place where i could store all the inspiration i found in magazines, websites and blogs and then it came to me!. La' solution de perfecto (sorry for the crappy spanish of french - whatever) - i had to start a blog on my own!.

Starting a blog would also give me much more then just a simple scrapbook kept alone and dusty in the drawer. It's an opportunity to share and discuss with the readers as well.

Therefore - this blog will be an open discussion on my own personal works and a lot of the inspiration and ideas i will post in time.

Just to round up this first post of mine, i'll give you a little information on myself.

Who's the person behind ?..

My full name is Brian Frænde and i'm a 21 year old photography fanatic from Vejle, Denmark.
I had my first camera when i was 16 years old, and i've been photographing ever since. At first i started out shooting a lot of landscape and nature photography.

After a long period that became quait boring, and it wasn't really what i was into anymore. So i started shooting a lot of architecture, which i still have a huge interest in!.

About a year ago, i got the courage to ask a girlfriend of mine to model for me, and since then, my interest, dream and ambission on becoming a professional fashion photographer has grown day by day!.
At the moment i'm looking for work as an assistent or anything else within the business where i'll be able to teach from a professional.

In august 2010 i'm going to this school, Krabbesholm Højskole, for a photography course in 19 weeks - REALLY looking forward to work and study with some people with the same interests af myself.

So, that was properly it for now, i hope you'll stay around for the ride and comment on whatever you feel like.
Best regards
Brian Frænde

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