tirsdag den 29. december 2009

Location scouting: Utopia forrest

There was a beautifull light this morning and since i had nothing planed for the morning, i decided to grap my gear and go take some shots of the location i had planned out for the 'utopia shoot' which i told you about yesterday.

The snow had fallen again this night, and there were still a little left, that hadn't been melted by the low and warm sun.

There was a beautifull blue sku, and i made with kind of a coold look for the light, which i think turned out really good up against the brown/orange ground and leafs.

Can't wait to get a model with me to this place!.

mandag den 28. december 2009

Young again - utopia in video

At first i fell in love with the song, and after viewing the video for this great peace of music, and simply fell in love with the whole feeling of mystery and utopia is just so overwhelming.

I have everything planed, location, lightning and make-up for shooting some scenes inspired by this video, all i'm waiting for, is the right model to show up in front of me - sadly, i don't have that big a network in the business, so i'm depending on friends and other people that i know for now.

Can't wait to shoot some editorials that match this video.

Out for now - Brian

Fashion in Photo - what's the fuzz?

Portrait of the writer himself...

So what's the fuzz, and what is this?...

For a long long time, i've been wanting to start some sort of scrapbook for inspirational purposes. It didn't went all that well. That i had to print out, cut out, store and organize all the stuff i found made it all too much of a bourdon and i didn't really get it all done..